Rob Zombie Clarifies and Updates on ‘3 From Hell’

Otis Driftwood 3 From Hell

Rob Zombie recently claimed that he’d completed 3 From Hell, the latest sequel to House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects. He stated, “It took a while to complete the trilogy but we did it.

Most fans and news outlets assumed that meant the film was totally finished in terms of being shot and edited. But Rob Zombie has clarified that isn’t the case although it will be finished soon.

In his latest Instagram post, he explained the specifics of the situation, saying,

“So folks seem confused by my post saying I completed my Rejects trilogy. I said the trilogy is complete but the movie 3 From Hell is not finished yet. Still got a couple months of work left. It’s getting there and it is fucking awesome.”

It’s unfortunate to hear but at least the movie is getting somewhere. Perhaps Rob Zombie meant the film was completed in terms of being shot and that now he’ll have to begin the longer process of editing and post production work. But I do know it’s going to be a great time to see Otis Driftwood, Captain Spaulding, and Baby Firefly in action again.

The film’s plot has yet to be officially announced, but we know it’ll take place after The Devil’s Rejects with the iconic trio being put on trial for their crimes. It’s also easy to assume it’ll have more of the western tone of The Devil’s Rejects rather than the wild zaniness of House of 1000 Corpses.

While there’s no release date either, we can hopefully expect the film to be released sometime later this year in 2019.

What do you think of the latest news for Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell? Are you excited to see his most popular characters again? Let us know on Twitter and in the comments section down below!

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