PARENTS Comes to Blu-Ray With Vestron Video Collector’s Series… Full Specs and Features Announced!

I think it’s safe to say that my first time watching Parents was one of the strangest moments in my life. It happened late at night, well into the early morning hours; an eerie setting for such a film. And don’t get me wrong, I’d seen plenty of movies dealing with cannibalism before, but I don’t think there was anything quite like this.

It doesn’t use that typical Texas Chain Saw Massacre influence, where the antagonists turn out to be stereotypical rednecks. Rather, it utilized the stereotypes associated with any family of the 1950s, and then slowly changed them until you had no idea what was real and what wasn’t.

With that said, I’m extremely happy it’s coming to Blu-ray, because this is one movie that deserves it; much like any other Vestron release. This one just so happens to be one of the more artistically-inclined films of their catalogue, and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds in beautiful high-definition.

Read below for the synopsis, special features, specs, trailer, and cover art!

There’s a new name for terror when the Vestron Video Collector’s Series brings the family back together in Parents, coming to limited-edition Blu-ray on January 31 from Lionsgate. In this black-comedy horror classic, a young boy in 1950s suburbia suspects his parents are cannibalistic murderers. The Parents Blu-ray includes all-new special features, including an audio commentary with director Bob Balaban and producer Bonnie Palef and interviews with screenwriter Christopher Hawthorne and actress Mary Beth Hurt. This limited-edition Parents Blu-ray will be available for the suggested retail price of $34.97.

“Meet the Laemles. Dad’s got a great job, mom has all the modern conveniences a happy homemaker could ask for, and ten-year-old Michael has great new friends and two parents who kill him with kindness. They’re the all-American family . . . or are they? Michael can’t figure out why his family serves leftovers every night. “Leftovers? Well, what were they before they were leftovers?” questions young Michael. “Leftovers-to-be,” smiles dad. Dad’s bringing home the bacon . . . and a whole lot more! Michael’s parents are getting away with murder — making home where the horror is!”

Special Features:

Audio Commentary with Director Bob Balaban and Producer Bonnie Palef

Isolated Score Selections/Audio Interview with Composer Jonathan Elias


“Leftovers to Be” with Screenwriter Christopher Hawthorne

“Mother’s Day” with Actress Mary Beth Hurt

“Inside Out” with Director of Photography Robin Vidgeon

“Vintage Tastes” with Decorative Consultant Yolando Cuomo

Theatrical Trailer

Radio Spots

Still Gallery


Subtitles: English SDH

Feature Run Time: 82 Minutes

Blu-ray™ Format: 1080p High Definition, 16×9 Widescreen 1.85:1 Presentation

Blu-ray™ Audio: Original 2.0 Stereo Audio


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