[Review] Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe #1 is a Bloody Good Time

Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe Issue #1 Cover

The Full Moon catalogue is an exciting one to say the least. They took over from Empire Pictures in the 90’s and ever since managed to produce some of the coolest cult classics you can think of. I’m talking about Puppet Master, Subspecies, Doctor Mordrid, Castle Freak, and dozens of others.

What’s fascinating about these films is the little connections they have among one another. This was before the Marvel Cinematic Universe became a thing, mind you, so the post-credits sequences and promises of crossovers in movies like Bad Channels were a totally new concept.

Unfortunately Full Moon didn’t always have a chance to deliver on certain sequels or crossovers. There are amazing characters that never had a chance to return, and it’s a shame because there’s so much potential brewing under the surface. While we still may never get to see some of these characters in new films again, Full Moon is finally delivering with one hell of a comic book series.

It’s none other than Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe. A title that just rocks the world of any Full Moon fan. There’s first a sense of excitement that comes from knowing Dollman is returning. Then there’s the fact he’s traveling across different Full Moon franchises just to kill off their respective antagonists. It’s a truly awesome idea that drives any fan wild with curiosity.

Now that I’ve gotten to read the first issue, where Dollman faces off against the Demonic Toys and Head of the Family, I’m even more excited and curious about where the story will go in the next issue. (He faces off against Toulon’s puppets from the Puppet Master franchise. How cool is that?)

But let’s get back to the first issue. The story dives headfirst into action and carnage, showing us a satanic ritual gone wrong. A group of teenagers summon the vicious and titular Demonic Toys, who begin to kill the confused teens until Dollman arrives. This is obviously where the fun really begins.

Dollman starts obliterating all of the Demonic Toys, with funny one-liners and explosive gore included. While there wasn’t much of a storyline presented, it’s still incredibly true to the established characters. Dollman feels especially right for the role of hunting down these antagonists.

Brick Bardo One-Liner

If you remember the movie Dollman, he’s constantly being yelled at and reprimanded for being too merciless. In fact, the only reason he doesn’t totally kill everyone in his way is because people have the conscience to stop him. But this isn’t the case here – in this issue Dollman is completely solo. And that means there’s no one to stop him from slaughtering anyone he considers evil.

While that might seem a bit overkill, I think it’s the perfect setup considering his character and the types of villains he’s going up against. There’s no need for an overdrawn plot of dramatic nonsense. It’s a crisp, clear-cut story of alien cop Brick Bardo killing off the denizens of the Full Moon Universe. It’s perfect.

The artwork is also perfect for the story. It’s flashy, eye-catching, and some of the drawings perfectly replicate sets and locations from the films. It makes you nostalgic just as quickly as it’ll make you laugh or feel shocked.

Arcadia Exterior

And, speaking of nostalgia, one of my favorite things about the comic is a fake advertisement stuck in the middle of the book. It’s an entire section dedicated to ordering different Full Moon villains or accessories, including the infamous Murdercycle, an army of Gingerdead Men, and even the vampire Radu’s Subspecies henchmen. It’s a strong attention to detail that any fan has to admire.

Toy Chest of Terror

As you can see, there’s just a lot of fun to be had with this comic. It’s a sugary treat for fans of the Full Moon Universe. If you aren’t checking it out already, I suggest you do so – and let’s keep an eye out for all the villains that Dollman will meet up with next. Also don’t forget to order your copy!

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