Brain Mutant Needs Your Help to Grow and Succeed

Brain Mutant Needs You

It’s been a long time, Brain Mutant fans. But fear not – for this website’s journey has only just begun.

My mission with Brain Mutant was to create a social media network. A place where I could engage with fellow horror fans and embrace my love for a genre that’s taught me so much over the years. Because of this, it only makes sense that I intend to make it into a career – and with that comes the big question.

How can I make money with this website?

As you may have noticed, I do have advertisements running on this page. But believe it or not it actually isn’t the greatest source of income. In fact, it’s been very little help throughout my time on Brain Mutant. This brings me to my next option – Patreon. If you’re not aware of what Patreon is, let me explain.

Patreon is a website which allows artists and creators to earn money for their work. They simply create different tiers that their fans can subscribe to and pay for. In return their fans receive different perks and, of course, more content from their favorite creators. It’s a simple concept that I hope to apply to Brain Mutant.

With my new Patreon I only have one tier so far, but I hope to add many more. It’s a process I intend to develop with the rest of my brand as time moves forward. As such, you’ll not only be investing in the site, but also plenty of potential new perks. You can read my Patreon page for more information regarding that.

It’s difficult asking people for money, but in the end it’ll allow me to focus more wholeheartedly on this website. I’ll be able to produce new YouTube videos, begin demonstrating endless horror-related games on Twitch, and expand my entire brand like never before. And aren’t creators like that something horror fans want more of?

My goal is to become more productive, and find something lucrative in this work – so please, I’d appreciate if you could do whatever you can to help. If you can subscribe to the YouTube channel or pledge to the Patreon, that would be wonderful. Those are the two major points I’m focusing on building right now.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but I appreciate it endlessly. As always, Obey the Brain.

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